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Monday, January 30, 2012

San Diego Electrician

"San Diego Electrician" Gary Hubers Call today 619-548-8108
"Electrical" guru Gary Hubers is the premier  "San Diego" "electrician", and constantly is upgrading his skills to keep up with consumer requests. " Electrician" Gary Hubers is a IBEW apprenticed "electrician" attending "electricians" "apprenticeship" school in "San Diego Ca,".  Gary Hubers started his "electrical training" at the age of 8 when his father asked him to work on different projects.  Those day's are long gone as Workers Comp, and liability issues now prohibit under age youngsters from helping there parents on the job.  These were good days for Gary Hubers as he learned many "troubleshooting" techniques from his Dad.  Gary's father passed from this earth and on to eternity on May 12 2005.  Gary and his father relied on each other's electrical experiences to get difficult electrical projects accomplished.  Bud Hubers was like a walking code book, and could quote per verse , and addendum the changes made on most electrical issues.  Gary's father believed in education, and steered Gary his son towards a number of degree's, and certifications.  Gary excelled with high grades in most all of his classes.  Gary Hubers most recently received a degree in Information Technology, and Computer Science.  This degree is helpful in the fact it includes programming in at least 5 different languages, and also includes the integration of many different technologies.  "Gary Hubers" is the Premier Electrician, and when needed is available for your "electrical projects" call Gary Hubers today for your free estimate.  619-548-8108

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